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About Us

Who We Are

We are one of the first Cannabis-focused initiatives to have carved out a high-tech niche by positioning 1Tonamara on an online content delivery system known as MSMU. With an open Internet TV platform, MSMU also connects us to a dynamic interactive social reality, giving 1Tonamara the bandwidth to act as a major global digital distributor.

We are currently in the midst of our growth stage. Our system is operational, however, and we are busy building a robust vertical in the supply chain.

Please click here to check out our real-time, in progress channel to see what we’re up to.

What We Do

We support community initiatives that advance the common good in education, advertising and other spheres where Cannabis and the Natural Person meet. Specifically, we provide access to Cannabis products in various forms: Flowers, Ingestibles, Concentrates and Tinctures. Opening up brick-and-mortar stores is on our horizon, as well as marketing 1Tonamara products with other Cannabis vendor offerings - doing so will help to both grow our brand and provide the Natural Person with a greater variety of choices in the nascent Cannabis market.

Our Mission

Our objectives are in line with the Lawful Cannabis Coalition

  • Our first duty is also to the LAW
  • Responsible retailing
  • Protection of Society by knowledgeable management and commonsense security protocols
  • Research and innovation in discovering its best use with the human physiology as well as in alternative uses.
  • Product and best use information
  • Data collection and publication for the benefit of responsible and better use
  • Promoting responsible and conscious use of Cannabis as a medicine or recreational use.
  • Researching and combating addiction
  • Cannabis use is not for everyone and it is our goal to add as much knowledge, prudence and cautions as possible in its availability, advertising, delivery and usage. 
  • Providing opportunities for our communities by way of work and financial contributions to community needs like food banks, as well as support for those convicted for Cannabis use. We positioned ourselves in this market with these objects and wanted you to know that this “about us” is really “about you”…thank you for considering a journey with us


Joining countless millions across Canada, 1Tonamara welcomes the wave of recent changes affecting the legal cultivation and consumption of Cannabis across the country.

Until now there has not been a clear alternative for Ontario residents to fully participate in the legalization of Cannabis. The participants of the 1Tonamara brand are ordinary natural persons, and; are witness of a historical event. We are happy and motivated to see such a significant possibility in our lifetime. As ambassadors of the brand, we have first-hand knowledge on the everyday difficulties of life, along with the need and relationship that this Cannabis Market represents to millions of everyday normal people. It is our belief that a subject like this, that has long been taboo, can be turned into numerous positive benefits for us all.

As the legislation in the province of Ontario is not complete, and; the province is not content to issue reasonable licensing, and; as we have given them sufficient time to remedy the situation, and; they have optioned to monopolize the market place¾an action to which we do not consent, this places us in the position of “non confidence”, nevertheless; 1Tonamara is attempting to act lawfully, and carry on responsible retailing¾ be advised that we cannot contract in the Ontario Corporation at the present time; as any such contract would automatically bring us into the judicial boundaries of the Ontario courts and enforcement, notwithstanding; as soon as it can be favorably applicable for 1Tonamara and their participants to traverse an agreement into the Ontario Corporation we will consent to do so; as we love our province and our Country.


Wide Variety of Bud

We offer a wide range of Indica's, Sativa's and Hybrids. Whatever type of relief you're looking for, we've got it. Some of the most popular strains include Orange Death Star Destruction, Mega Ultra Cannabanoid Monstrousity, Original Gangster Old Head Herbery, Candy Dandy Cotton Brandy, and apple.

Huge Selection of Edibles

We have such a wide assortment of edibles for any kind of craving. From brownies to gummies back to cookies then back again to lollipops! It is like the Willy Wonka of medicinal marijuana! Oompa loopa doopity dank! Come and get your eat on with 1Tonamara!

Huge Selection of Hash

We offer the biggest hash selection in the city. You will find everything from locally made Hash to specially imported Hash.

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