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WH K- Green P OG [A]

WH K- Green P OG [A]

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Pink OG is a popular and very powerful indica strain at (90% indica/10% sativa) Although its origins are unknown, many believe that Pink OG is a descendant of the potent OG Kush. Read more..

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Product description

Pink OG is a premium, high-quality strain with high amounts of THC. Because of its high THC content, it’s not recommended for amateurs, although seasoned smokers will love Pink OG for its intense high that can last for hours. Pink OG is popular for its delicious flavour and aroma. Both its taste and smell are sweet and floral. The overtones are most noticeably sugary vanilla and fruity berries with undertones of tart floral. Its appearance is true to its name: the striking buds are a pleasant medium green coated in a smattering of pink pistils and white crystal trichomes. Pink OG has a delightful body high with some cerebral effects. Upon first smoking, users will notice a euphoric head high that often causes a case of the giggles. A strong sense of relaxation and calm then sets in, leaving some users couch-locked with a case of the munchies, while being relaxed for hours. Pink OG is often used to treat muscle tension, pain, stress, anxiety and depression, and is so strong that it’s effective even in small doses.


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WH K- Green P OG [A]

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Pink OG is a popular and very powerful indica strain at (90% indica/10% sativa) Although its origins..

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